July 2023 : Protect Our Defenders - Combating Sexual Assault in the Military

Posted by Keslyn Hart on

Protect Our Defenders is a vital charity focused on addressing sexual assault in the military, with a strong emphasis on supporting women. Shockingly, in 2020 alone, an estimated 20,500 female service members experienced unwanted sexual contact, highlighting the urgent need for organizations like Protect Our Defenders. They raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault, provide essential support services, and advocate for systemic changes. Through their efforts, survivors are empowered to speak out, access counseling and legal assistance, and find healing. Protect Our Defenders strives to improve reporting mechanisms, increase prosecution rates, and ensure a more supportive and responsive environment for women in the armed forces. By pushing for stronger legislation and fostering cultural change, the organization works towards preventing future incidents and safeguarding the well-being and rights of women serving in the military. Protect Our Defenders plays a crucial role in creating a safer and more equitable military for all.

To learn more or find out how you can help, check them out at www.protectourdefenders.com. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference. <3   

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