Our Story : About For the Girls Jewelry

Hi! My name is Keslyn and I am the creator of For the Girls Jewelry (formerly known as Bling Box). I started For the Girls because in my personal life, I love subscription services. I think of them as sending myself a little surprise gift in the mail. It's like Christmas every month!

I am a model and I am obsessed with fashion, so jewelry is something I can never have enough of. I could not find a jewelry subscription service that wasn't crazy expensive or didn't require you to send the pieces back every month - so I created one! 

I am someone that loves low maintenance jewelry: I like to be able to wear it to the gym, wear it in the shower, and even sleep in it. That is why here at For the Girls, we pride ourselves on having high quality jewelry that you can wear everywhere!

Once our business started gaining traction, we decided we wanted to use this as an opportunity to do something good for the world - and women specifically. I think women are such special and beautiful creatures, and there is nothing better than a community of women supporting one another. So, instead of focusing on one cause specifically, we decided we wanted to help support anything and everything related to helping women - and For the Girls Jewelry was born.

Right now, it is just me and my best friend that manage all aspects of the business. We have so much fun shopping for jewelry, packaging orders, creating content and researching charities together. We hope to be able to grow For the Girls Jewelry into a nationally recognized brand and I can't wait for you to come along with us! 

We hope to see you next month!