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Get two pieces of tarnish-resistant jewelry delivered free to your door every month

15% of our profits are donated to a different women's charity every month

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Just two jewelry-lovin’ besties that beleive that women are MAGICAL. So, every month we choose a different women's-supporting charity to donate 15% of our profits to. We donate to charities whose missions are things like providing food/shelter to abused women, helping women find jobs, building self confidence in little girls, bridging the pay gap, and SO! MUCH! MORE!

Jewelry that is meant to be lived in!

All of our jewelry pieces are water-resistant and tarnish-resistant. They are made of metals like stainless steel or titanium. This means that your jewelry is not going to be ruined if you wear it in the shower, to the beach, or to the gym! Wear that jewelry everywhere queen! You'll never have to sacrifice your accessories again!

Now THIS is what we call self-care!

Start your month off right with our jewelry subscription service. It's like sending yourself a surprise gift in the mail every month! Go ahead gf, you deserve it!

How It Works:

"Jewelry is my favorite way to take my outfits to the next level. And it makes me so happy to see my jewelry and be reminded that it's helping support causes that I care about"


"I absolutely love this jewelry. It’s so cute and I never have to take it off."


"I really appreciate my FTG Subscription because I lose everything so it's amazing to have a steady supply of cute jewelry that I don't even have to pick out"