January 2023 : A21- Combating Human Trafficking

Shockingly, women and girls account for a staggering 99% of the estimated 4.8 million victims of forced sexual exploitation worldwide. A21, a non-profit charity, dedicates its efforts to combatting human trafficking while placing a strong emphasis on empowering women. Through comprehensive initiatives that encompass shelters, counseling, vocational training, and awareness campaigns, A21 provides survivors with a pathway to healing and independence.

In the past year, A21 directly assisted over 2,500 survivors, equipping them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives. Additionally, A21 is actively involved in prevention strategies, educating communities and advocating for improved legislation to address the root causes of human trafficking.

By supporting A21, we contribute to the global fight against human trafficking, creating a world where women are safe, free, and empowered. Through our collective efforts, we can help break the chains that bind millions of innocent lives and ensure a brighter future for survivors. Let us join forces to make a lasting impact and put an end to the exploitation and suffering experienced by women and girls around the world.

For more information, or to find out how you can help, check them out at www.a21.org. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference. <3